Вы находитесь в регионе Belgorod?

Наши правила

- No entry with animals;

-the order can be arranged by the person who achieved the age of 14 years (in accordance with article 26 of Russian Federation civil code - capacity of underage person in the age of 14 to 18).

We provide self-service because: we do want our prices will be saved on the same level as long as possible.

In a cafe you're allowed:

-to use Wi-Fi;

-to watch TV;

-read magazines;

-to eat tasty food;

-to keep coming back;

-to resent if it's necessary. :-)

Why Autosushi?

Because we are ready to deliver your order as well as to see you at the cafe. You can not only pick up you order directly, but to have a look of where and how your order is getting ready for you not to have any doubt about the quality of our products.

Our chef who started the project in Nizhny Novgorod set high standards of work quality and work attitude.

We don't promise you a product of the best Japanese traditions. We'll never say that we have "the original Japanese cuisine". Our knowledge about it corresponds with the Japanese knowledge about our cuisine.

We can just guarantee to you a food of high quality and of a reasonable price made up by Japanese technology of Chinese, Russian, American, Japanese and Norwegian products of a high quality, preserving its useful benefits if it's possible.

- Set the time when you want your food to be ready and pick up or order it on your birthday (the orders can be accepted before 7 days till the purchase);

-order it to your house, office, countryside, dacha or hotel;

-call, order, come and eat in our cosy cafes.

Nearly everything that was mentioned you can do without the telephone call, but on our website. It's convenient, quick and our telephones are always available. In the notes you may leave all the nuances and specialties of your order.

Our mission is to make the service of a high quality available and understandable for everyone.


Every feedback is important to us ! Just email us!

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